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Boston Globe Op-Ed, "An undiplomatic conflict of interest" November 1, 2006 (read »)

Boston Globe Op-Ed, "Did US Know Iraq had no WMDs?" March 6, 2006 (read »)

Boston Globe Op-Ed, "Human Rights vs. Guns in Turkey", January 13, 2001 (read »)

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (read »)
"Turks v. Kurds," March-April 1999.

Op-Ed,"A Relationship with Bite", August 8, 2002 (read »)
Op-Ed "Put an End to this Sad Chapter", January 7, 2001 (read »)

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"Slender Roots," January 7, 2007 (read >>)

"Kurdistan's Season of Hope," August 23, 1992 (read ») (text and photos).

"The Disappearance of Jack Shelton," September 9, 1991 (read ») (text and photos); 

Minneapolis Tribune

"Indian Woman's Death Raises Many Questions," May 30, 1976 (text and photos).

Minnesota Monthly
"On Paranoia," November, 1974; "Inside the Gresham Novitiate," April, 1974.

Mother Jones
"Shrines and Slogans: The Divided Church in Nicaragua," April, 1984.

The New York Times
"U.S. May Dismiss Case on Indians," June 15, 1975;
"Security is Tight at Indian's Trial," June 17, 1975;
"Tension Rises in Wake of Death at Sioux Camp," September 27, 1982;
"In Kurdistan, No End in Sight for this U.S. Relief Effort," December 20, 1992.

St. Paul Sunday Pioneer Press
"Elaborate Measures Safeguarded El Salvador's Elections," June 24, 1984 (text and photos).

The Progressive
"Turkey Terrorizes its Kurds," July 1993.

Santa Barbara Independent
"In Memoriam: Pascual Gamboa" , September 23, 2010 (read »)
"Nicaragua: In the War Zone," February 1, 1983;
"El Salvador: Old War with a New Face," November 20, 1985;
"Hunting the Contra: Six Days at the Front," May 28, 1986;
"Fire in the Hole: Life in El Salvador under the Peace Accord," December 3, 1987;
"Salvador Diary: The War Grows as Duarte nears Death," October 13, 1988;
"Winds of War: Kuwaiti Refugees in Jordan," November 18, 1990;
"The Kurds: People in Search of a Country," April 1, 1993;
"Zapatista!" March 10, 1994;
"The Incidental Tourist: Ireland in the Summer of the Cease Fire," September 15, 1994;
"Cuba: Embargo and Insulin," February 9, 1995;
"Made in the USA: American Weapons and a Scorched Earth Policy in Turkey," August 10, 1995;
"The Kurdish Question and U.S. Policy," September 19, 1996;
"The Leonard Peltier Case: A Time to Reconsider," August 14, 1997;
"War Train on a Fast Track", September 26, 2002
Santa Barbara Magazine
"Direct Relief International," March-April 1985 (text and photos);
"Gateway to the Stars: Vandenberg Air Force Base," July-August 1985 (text and photos);
"Oil and Water: New Oil Boom Brings Controversy to Santa Barbara County," February-March 1986 (text and photos).

Santa Barbara News Press
"Kurd Fighters Ready for War", October 27, 2002
"Life in the Hot Zone", December 5, 2002
"Kurdistan Diary: It's Shaping up to be a Long Winter in N. Iraq", February 16, 2003
"U.S. Joining Forces for Assault on Extremist Group", March 16,2003
"Carrying Family and Old Fears, the Kurds Flee Once Again", March 20, 2003
"F-14 fighter Mistakenly Strikes U.S. Convoy", April 7, 2003
"Gunfire, Ethnic Tension on the Road to Tikrit", April 16, 2003

The Washington Spectator
An Ancient Group's Struggle Provides Clues To the Future of the Middle East," July 1, 2006. (read »)

Travel + Life
Virtuoso Travel+Life Magazine
High-Flying Shanghai: Urban Adventures in China's City of the Future, May/June 2005 (read »)
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