Kevin McKiernan's ABC News Article Archive
March 24, 2003 - Halabja Valley, Iraq
Northern Iraq Battle Heats Up: Us and Kurds May attack Islamic group linked to Al Queda

March 4, 2003 - Sulaimaniah, Iraq
Iranian Intervention Could Complicate U.S. Plans in Iran

Feb, 26 2003 - Sulaimaniah, Iraq
Suicide Attack: Suicide Bomber in Northern Iraq Kills 4

Feb, 25 2003 - Sulaimaniah, Iraq
Urgent Request
: Kurdish Rebels Fear Turkish Aggression May Accompany U.S. Troops

Feb, 21 2003 - Sulaimaniah, Iraq
Secret Plan
: Militant Islamic Group Plans to Attack U.S. Special Forces in Northern Iraq

Jan. 11 2003 - Halabja, Iraq
Danger Zone: U.S. Special Forces, Taliban-Style Fighters and Looming War

Dec, 31 2002 - Sulaimaniah, N.Iraq
Al Qaeda in Kurdistan? Kurds Point to Al Qaeda Link

Dec, 10 2002 - Girdadrozna, Iraq
Fighting in the Mountains: Fierce Clashes Spark Tensions in Kurdish-Controlled Northern Iraq

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