Good Kurds, Bad Kurds Film Reviews

Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Santa Barbara 2000 International Film Festival
Winner: Fund for Santa Barbara's Human Rights Award

US, 2000, color, digi-beta, 79:12, Q&A
Director/Producer/Screenwriter: Kevin McKiernan
Cinematographers: Haskell Wexler, ASC; Kevin McKiernan
Editor: Thomas G. Miller
Music: Bronwen Jones
Print Source: Access Productions, PO Box 91641, Santa Barbara, CA 93190
Slamdance 2000
Invited Guests: Kevin McKiernan, Haskell Wexler

A war of national liberation or a war against terrorism? Santa Barbara freelance journalist, nationally published Kevin McKiernan poses this question at the outset of his stirring new film. It's all in how you define "good" and "bad": "Good Kurds" are those in Iraq; they're Saddam Hussein's victims whom we want to help. "Bad Kurds" are those waging an armed insurrection against US ally, Turkey; they're at the receiving end of US weapons.

McKiernan went to Northern Iraq to cover the uprising against Saddam. Just a few miles away, no one was covering the hidden war in Turkey so he decided to bring out the story. GOOD KURDS, BAD KURDS clarifies a complicated history and provides disturbing insight into US immigration policies. Legendary cinematographer Haskell Wexler (BOUND FOR GLORY, WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF?); reveals the humanity behind the headlines. The Kurds are the largest ethnic population without a homeland

This brilliant one-of-a-kind documentary is a clarion wake-up call!

by Betsy Cramer

In Human Rights Competition
Sun. 3/5/2-00, 12:00 pm, Fiesta Five Theatre, 916 State Street
Sat. 3/11/2000, 7:00 pm, Santa Barbara Museum of Art



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