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Washing at mosque before prayer

Carrying dung for fire

Kurdish peshmerga fighting Ansar al-Islam

Kurdish peshmerga in bunker on Iraq-Iran border

Yazedi religious ceremony, Iraq

Old men in mountain village

Kurdish couple passes mural

Kurdish money changer, 2002

Shopping for gold, Iraq 2002

Land mine victim

Kurdish resettlement camp

Peshmerga sentries

Peshmerga fighters in war with Ansar al-Islam

Kurdish fighter with photo of friend who died in combat

Ansar al-Islam militants (1)

Ansar al-Islam (2)

Ansar al-Islam fighter with machine gun

Refugees from war in Iraq

Kurdish women near Iraq-Iran border

Kurdish refugees

Kurdish family flees war in Iraq

Bodyguards for Kurdish leader Massoud Barzani

Father of slain Kurdish journalist.

Kurdish refugees 1991


Burial of Kurdish child




Kevin McKiernan specializes in photojournalism--text, still picture and video--under difficult conditions, in remote areas of the world.

McKiernan has a wide archive of international stock photographs and footage for sale. He is also an accomplished television news cameraman and producer, and he is available for assignments in the United States and throughout the world.

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