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Border Developments

Northern Iraq Battle Heats Up
U.S. and Kurds May Attack Islamic Group Linked to Al Qaeda

By Kevin McKiernan

March 24— U.S. special forces and Kurdish fighters are gearing up for what is expected to be a major offensive in Northern Iraq against an Islamic extremist group the U.S. government believes has ties to al Qaeda.


Article Archive

McKiernan's ABC News Reports from Northern Iraq
March 24, 2003 - Halabja Valley, Iraq
Northern Iraq Battle Heats Up: US and Kurds May Attack Islamic Group Linked to Al Qaeda

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: Kurdish Rebels Fear Turkish Aggression May Accompany U.S. Troops

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Secret Plan
: Militant Islamic Group Plans to Attack U.S. Special Forces in Northern Iraq

Jan. 13 2003 - Halabja, Iraq
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Jan. 11 2003 - Halabja, Iraq
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  Dec, 31 2002 - Sulaimaniah, N.Iraq
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Dec, 10 2002 - Girdadrozna, Iraq
Fighting in the Mountains: Fierce Clashes Spark Tensions in Kurdish-Controlled Northern Iraq



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